Friends all over the world ... (why the internet is so incredible) and sensational we can speak to us through the keys on the computer.
Brother countries such as Brazil and Portugal may always be in a line of friendship between their children and their other brothers from all over the world regardless of color of human skin, race or religion.

Anyone who likes to "Histórias em Quadrinhos" or "Comics" or "Quadradinhos" needs to visit the blogs: "Quadradinhos Patopolis", "Bartolomeu 777 ", "Quadrinhos Antigos", "Che Guavira", "Tralhas Várias", "El Chico de Los Tejados", "Books and Comics", and many others that we will seek to know and put here, along with criticism and mood of the politics , movies, TV and many things that we like to remember.

In Portuguese we say SAUDADES, in english we say: NOSTALGIA ... something that cannot be explained, feeling powerful that makes us continue living.

The blog "Chutinosaco" is a way to be able to feel again that pleasure ... read comics: Walt Disney, Lee Falk, Mort Walker, Will Eisner, Walter Lantz, Hanna- Barbera, and all comic book creators that we did grow up and live with more joy!
We will continue to search for and bring much older memories.

Thank you and follow our blog, friends!

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